Geberit AG

Durable and sustainable sanitary ware

Geberit AG is a Swiss manufacturer of sanitary products. The company was established in 1874 by Caspar Melchior Albert Gebert in a small town near Zurich. The business started with cistern manufacturing. In the 1970s Geberit began to produce sanitary products.

In 2015 Geberit purchased 100% of the shares and acquired Sanitec group including the following brands:

  • Keramag/Keramag Design (Germany)
  • IDO (Finnland)
  • Ifö (Sweden)
  • Colombo (Ukraine)

The main purpose of the merging of two corporations is to strengthen the market position of Geberit. New corporation will be an unbeatable European leader.

Throughout its history, Geberit embodied the world-known Swiss quality. Style, reliability and durability of the products are the reference for the bathroom furniture industry. Its serious approach to environmental problems and sustainability make Geberit the most responsible manufacturer in Europe.

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