ANTEY celebrates its 25th birthday!
01 April 2022

ANTEY celebrates its 25th birthday!

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” - Ryunosuke Satoro, a Japanese writer.

ANTEY began writing its story on this day 25 years ago. Starting with a few employees without warehouses and offices we had the essential thing - the faith in success and a striving desire to break into prosperous future. We have this faith today.

Let's step confidently into our happy future! Together with interesting projects, warm hugs, merry holidays, sincere smiles and new achievements.

Today we are braver and stronger, we are more sensitive than before, we work harder that before and what is the most important is that we opened our big hearts to each other.

Having 25 years behind us we are absolutely sure that teamworks makes dreams come true faster and more efficiently.