Market leader with ten locations throughout the world

Franz-Anselm Viegener founded this family-owned company in 1899 and laid the foundation stone for the success story of Viega. It all began with the production of beer taps that were sold to local breweries and taverns. The company grew fast and the number of products increased. At first – drain fittings and overflow fittings, and then when the first branch was opened, copper pipe connecting elements and plastic products for sanitary facilities.

Now Viega is a world’s leader with ten location throughout the world, 4,000 employees and a wide range of products including complex installation technology. Notwithstanding this impressive evolution, they keep maintaining the standards of the company from its earliest days. Thanks to intensive support and regular trainings of the employees, Viega increases the success.

The introduction of the Profipress system technology made Viega the global market leader, as well as the Viega SC-Contur that revolutionized installation technology – these are two of many impressive examples of the powerful development of the company.

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